I recently found this picture. You may be asking, what does it have to do with running? This is a picture from the mid-seventies of our Young Life Group. Our Young Life group packed into one person's living room every Monday night with nearly 45 teenagers every week! The person in the middle is Dick Mahaffey, our Windsor Forest Club leader. This picture is from when we all attended his wedding nearly 50 years ago!

Young Life has been an integral and important part of the Savannah community for more than a half-century. It has positively and profoundly influenced tens of thousands of teenagers who are all now adults and is continuing to make a positive difference in Savannah as well as the world. If you haven't signed up for the Chick Fila Race benefiting Young Life, please do so. I've had a minor hamstring injury but look forward to limping along the trail for this race on March 5.