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Two races tomorrow! Statesboro’s the run for the Adrian Peterson foundation. Tour de Ford for the richmond hill band.

Big thank you to Belfor property restoration for going above and beyond to help.

Racing = charity donations
Pamela liked 3 days ago
I know what your thinking. Poor dan - all his races for through oct 31st are cancelled. Nope. Not one. All a go!!! Tour de Ford Nine line Galloping with the pony’s Mama run 4 separate charities all doing great... (More)
Pamela liked 4 days ago
Post only discount available for Tour de Ford - Just message me and receive a code worth 25% off - only valid for members of our new social media page - Invite a friend to join us here because this... (More)
Michael commented 5 days ago
Some awesome photos from today - Jumpers, Gang Signs, Epic Sun rays through a 300 year old tree canopy, Gump and a runners first ever 10k see it all on Michael Nease featured, Jonathan Hathaway lead course marshal!