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Thanks for joining us at Follow Savannah. Hope you find this a wonderful community encouraging, inspiring and fulfilling.

Doug liked 10 days ago
These are very nice.

Somerville is a delightful, delectable bite

A few years ago, there was a quiet wave of video games, indie and otherwise, that drew on the existential terror of childhood. Think of Limbo, Inside, Little Nightmares, Among the Sleep, or Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. These... (More)

Michael liked a month ago
I know that there are 3 races on January 7. All go to important causes, and I have participated in each of them at one time or another. If you haven't made plans yet, I want to encourage you to... (More)
Michael commented 3 months ago
Hey team. Bad news. The platform we are on for followsavannah is removing the free plan and going to start charging $600 a month. So we will be jumping ship soon to a new platform. Be on the lookout